About the Coffee Pro


The Coffee Pro specializes in single serve beverages for popular brewing systems like Keurig and Nespresso. We have great mix and match programs at fantastic prices so you can get just what you want from our selection of over 600 single serve k-cups and Nespresso beverages. Don;t forget the Beans! Our other specialty is locally roasted coffee. Java Blend, Sissiboo, Laughing Whale and Full Steam plus award winning brewer Reunion Island. We also carry eco-pods for pod brewers, flavored syrups. loose tea and brewers and accessories like Chemex, Aeropress and Bodum. #keurig #chemex #nespresso #kcups #Halifax #aeropress #ilovelocal

email: info@thecoffeepro.ca

Scotia Square
5201 Duke Street
Halifax, NS
ph 902-466-3814

Sobey’s Millcove Plaza
961 Bedford Hwy
Bedford, NS
ph 902-832-9722

Mayflower Mall
800 Grand Lake Road
Sydney, NS
ph 902-539-1540





18 thoughts on “About the Coffee Pro

      • I would like 1 box each of the Grove Square Cappuccino K-Cups in French Vanilla and Caramel. Sent to postal Code A2H 7S6. Let me know what the price would be, thanks!


      • Hi Brent, the total price would be $48.56 with 5 day reg. parcel shipping ($31.90 for products and $16.66 for shipping). We accept Visa and Mastercard if you plan to go ahead with the order.


  1. Hello:
    Wondering if you sell coffee pods from Baronet for Bunn, My cafe coffee system, and if you don’t, is there anyone in the Dt area that would,
    Thank you so much,


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