Coffee Pods : the eco-friendly Keurig alternative

As the single serve coffee phenomenon continues to expand many end-users of products like the Keurig K-cup are wishing for a greener alternative. Enter the coffee pod and the ingenious Kienna pod adapter.

coffee pods


Keurig/Green Mountain are aware of the bad publicity and negative connotation to the millions and millions of K- cups going into landfills annually. Unfortunately they are not expediting a solution, saying that it will be 2020 before they have recyclable K-cups. In the meantime other single-serve competitors are stepping up to the plate with eco-friendly offerings available shortly.


RealCupEcoCupSection image

Real Cup

But there is another company that has taken a different approach. Kienna Coffee Roasters have taken an existing product, their bio-degradable coffee pods, and invented a simple adapter to help them infiltrate the huge single-serve market. The KiennaCUP adapter for Keurig Brewers allows consumers to use Kienna pods ( plus those of other companies,  like Reunion Island and Wolfgang Puck ) the same way they would normally use a K-cup. Check out this great video on how they work….


Be sure to check out our great selection of bio-degradable pods at the Coffee Pro in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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