Faqs on Caffe Impresso capsules for . Nespresso

Here is some great info on Caffe Impresso capsules designed for use in Nespresso coffee machines.

A Luxury Brand

Caffè Impresso™ is a distinctive brand. Our reputation for quality is built jointly on the company’s pioneering launch of Nespresso® compatible capsules; experience all aspects of luxury coffee in Canada. We’re not a discounter like many of our competitors: we create luxury, distinctive and unique espresso blend capsules.

The attributes of the perfect espresso have historically only been attainable by trained Barista’s*, capable of making almost hourly adjustments to their commercial espresso machine and grinder. But Caffè Impresso™ coffees extracted through today’s precision engineered home machines, encapsulate all this to make it easy for you. Yet our art is in every cup. Caffè Impresso™ capsules are tidy too ! They’re easy to insert, and eject with the lift of a lever, cleaning up after themselves automatically. No fuss, no mess. Caffè Impresso™ offers eight blends in homage to Nespresso’s® most popular grand crus. And a growing choice of luxury blends sourced from the finest, rarest most unique coffees in the world.722538381535


Q. What if I have a problem?
A. Just call our customer service team from 9am – 6:00pm EST at 1(866) 200-9090 who will be happy to help. Or simply email us atinfo@caffeimpresso.ca

Q. Will your capsules work in my Nespresso® machine?
A. Yes, our capsules are guaranteed to work in your Nespresso® machine and we offer a money back guarantee for added piece of mind.

Q. How much do your capsules cost?
A. Caffè Impresso capsules are priced at $0.52 each – 31% below Nespresso retail price for their basic products. We think this represents a great value over Nespresso capsules.

Q: Do we offer some sort of guarantee against machine damages when customers use our capsules?
A:   There are myriad complaints and concerns about Nespresso machines breaking down for various reasons, most of which occur (statistically) while using Nespresso capsules. Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines, and therefore should not result in damage to any existing Nespresso machines currently on the market.

A few practical suggestions:
If a Nespresso machine experiences problems it is unlikely to have been caused by Nespresso compatible capsules, and may instead fall into one of the following categories:

Capsule is loaded the wrong way – occasionally capsules drop through Nespresso’s horizontal extraction barrels. The capsule apertures on Pixie, Essenza and Citi-Z machines are oversized, and in fact Nespresso capsules will drop straight through the machines as easily as any compatible. One must not be over-zealous in placing capsules into these machines. But some people push rather than drop the capsule in. Properly inserted capsules will stay in place. It’s simply a matter of perfecting one’s technique.

The machine is old – These machines, like other small home appliances, are designed with a built in obsolescence of about 4 years. Age and wear and tear are more likely to blame for any damage than a capsule (whether Nespresso or compatible capsules), and in most instances, older or heavily used machines will break down no matter what capsules are used in them.

Lever closure issues – Caffè Impresso capsules perform consistently well with all Nespresso machines. The Nespresso Essenza and Citi-Z lever closure sometimes feel a little harder when closing on a Caffè Impresso or other compatible Capsules, which is purely to do with the gripping mechanism used to align the capsule inside the extraction aperture gripping plastic (which flexes and ‘gives’), rather than aluminium which indents. No damage will ever be caused by CI capsules to the piercing and injection mechanisms (3 pins) which cut through the aluminium of a Nespresso capsule before forcing water through it. This is because CI capsules are already perforated at the top, and thus designed so that the cutting part of the injection pins do not even touch our capsule.

Caffè Impresso also recommends that users regularly de-scale their Nespresso machine (calcium build-up inside the machines is one of the biggest causes of machine failure and breakage) according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. And that user’s keep their machine clean with a warm soapy cloth, as well as properly powered down when not in use.

*Compatible with all machines including (Citiz, Pixie, Essenza, Krups, Lattissima, U, Maestria and Magimix) etc..

Find the Caffe Impresso line at our Coffee Pro locations in Halifax Shopping Centre and Bedford.

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