Keurig K-cup battle # 1 : Donut Shop Coffees

Here are some reviews of various donut shop blend k-cups :compiled to help you find the one best for you!

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#1 Original Donut Shop – by the Coffee People

Blind Assessment: (As brewed in a Keurig B70 Platinum single-serve brewing device using a Keurig-compatible capsule to produce a 6-ounce serving): Brightly pungent, lively. Dark chocolate, fresh-cut cedar, black currant, cherry, a hint of a bourbon-whisky-like note in aroma and cup. Tart but balanced acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Rich, resonant short finish, slightly fading and dry in the long.

Notes: Coffee People is a brand of Diedrich Coffee, which in turn is owned by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. It appears that Donut Shop is a blend designed to compete with the medium-roasted Dunkin’ Donuts blend.

Who Should Drink It: A lively, engagingly complex breakfast cup with a hint of the elegant dry berry character usually found in only the most distinguished of coffee origins.

AGTRON: 0/51
#2 Martinson Donut Shop Blend

Blind Assessment: (As brewed in a Keurig B70 Platinum single-serve brewing device using a “RealCup” capsule to produce a 6-ounce serving): Cedar, caramel, orange, a hint of flowers in aroma and cup. Round, quiet acidity; syrupy mouthfeel. Clean, simple, balanced finish.

Notes: Martinson’s, a coffee brand originating in 1898 with legendary founder Joe Martinson (“It’s the real Joe”) is now a brand of Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee. RealCup capsules are manufactured by Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee and are compatible for use with the widely distributed Keurig K-Cup line of single-cup brewing devices. However, neither Martinson’s nor RealCup have any affiliation with Keurig or K-Cup. Keurig and K-Cup are registered trademarks of Keurig Inc.

Who Should Drink It: Owners of Keurig K-Cup and other compatible brewing devices who enjoy a straightforward, traditional medium-roasted cup.

AGTRON: 0/65
#3 Donut House – By Green Mountain

Blind Assessment: (As brewed in a Keurig B70 Platinum single-serve brewing device using a “K-Cup” capsule to produce a 6-ounce serving size): Soft, caramel-like aroma with hints of milk chocolate and toast. An uncomplicated cup, medium body, flavor notes of cedar, caramel, nut and orange-toned citrus. Sweetness carries into the mildly nutty finish, with distant suggestions of molasses and chocolate.

Notes: Keurig brewing devices were among the first single-serve brewers on the market, starting in the mid 1990’s with office models and now offering five home models with names such as Mini, Elite and Platinum.  Donut House Collection is a brand of coffee roasted and sold by Green Mountain, with the motto, “All Coffee. No Crumbs.”

Who Should Drink It: A soft, sweet, straightforward K-Cup coffee; don’t stop with donuts.

AGTRON: 0/55

#4 Timothy’s Original Donut Blend 

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new Donut Blend from Timothy’s!
It’s classified as a LIGHT ROAST, and I normally drink MEDIUM’S…but I had to try it. My wife drinks LIGHT ROAST exclusively, and I had her give me her views on it as well.

The box and K-cup are very unique in color! Much more so than most Timothy’s standard look. Very much like the Dunkin’ Donuts brand in color.

I dropped the K-cup from my Keurig B60 at 7.25 oz. I pulsed the first time for about 15 seconds by lifting the handle at first sight of water. It produced a good looking cup of coffee. I then dumped it into a glass cup to evaluate the strength. The cup looked a little weaker than I normally like…but many K-cups do appear that way at 7.25 oz. I would suggest running it at 5.25 oz if you like it a little stronger.

The taste is very smooth, and not bitter. The finish is very clean with no aftertaste. Very mild in both taste, and aroma…but pleasing. I can still feel the bump in caffeine right now. A good light roasted coffee.



#4 Corner Donut Shop – by Brooklyn Bean

Walk into that classic donut shop and the first thing that hits you is that delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This k-cup blend represents the traditional and timeless taste of diner coffee. This medium blend is perfect for those coffee drinkers who like to pair their coffee with sweet treat on the side.

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes:  Smooth


Stick to what this k-cup blend does best. Pair this coffee with a tasty treat. With its easy going flavour, this coffee will adapt to a variety of tastes so feel free to explore different kinds of accompaniments from desserts to meals.



#5 Authentic Donut Shop – Original roast

Every coffee roaster prides itself on years of tried and tested recipes amalgamating into the creation of that one perfect coffee k-cup. Authentic Donut Shop k-cups are the result of roasting nothing but high grown Arabica coffee beans. You may be assured that with this k-cup blend, you will be able to savor a reliable and delectable classic medium roast that is easy to drink and pleasing to the palate.

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Smooth & Easy-going


The Original Roast from Authentic Donut Shop’s K-cup Collection is the perfect way to start every morning. This k-cup brews the perfect coffee for your very first beverage of the day and will seamlessly compliment any breakfast meal.

Alternatively, you may combine 4oz. of this coffee with 4-6oz. of Grove Square Hot Chocolate, add a little whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles to create a classic café mocha. 

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