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If you didn’t like Keurig before because you could do just one cup at the time, you will love this new brewer. This small and compact 2.0 brewer can do a single cup, a to-go travel mug and it can also do a carafe.


k250 review


The Keurig K250 is the only model with the water reservoir on the back side, which I think looks pretty good. It holds up to 40 ounces and can be removed for easy cleaning. The reservoir uses standard Keurig water filters and comes with a set of 2 filters and 1 filter holder.

On top, there’s a 2″ black and white touchscreen with super easy controls. Because of the new scanner, the machine will automatically know what type of pods you’re brewing. Just pick a favorite brew size and press brew button.

The drip tray is removable of course. Use it when brewing single cups, or replace with Keurig 2.0 carafe when brewing multiple cups.

The K250 retails for $109.99 and is available in seven colors: black, orange zest, sandy pearl, strawberry, turquoise, violet, and white.

also available are:
K350 model – 60 oz. removable water reservoir, 9 brew sizes, carafe included, $149.99
K450 model – 70 oz. removable reservoir, 9 brew sizes, carafe included, auto ON and OFF, color touchscreen, favorite settings, $169.99
K550 model – 80 oz. removable reservoir, 10 brew sizes, auto ON and OFF, color touchscreen, favorite settings, customizable clock, wallpaper and night light, $199.99


Brewing your morning cup with Keurig K250 is simple. No messing with grinding coffee beans and using filters.

To make a single cup of coffee, insert the k-cup of your choice, select the brew size (4,6,8 or 10 oz) and press flashing BREW button. The mechanism to insert the pod will feel familiar if you’ve used Keurig machines before. Once preheated, the machine brews a 8 oz cup in about 49 seconds.

With Keurig K250 you can also brew new Keurig k-carafe and k-mug pods.

To do a carafe, remove the drip tray and insert the Keurig carafe securely in its place. Make sure to place the little cut out in the slot at the bottom of your machine.
how to use keurig carafe
Then, take one k-carafe pod, place in the pod holder and close the handle. Select a brew size (2-3 cups, 3-4 cups or 4-5 cups) and press brew button. That’s it! The machine needs about 2.30 minutes to brew an entire carafe.

K-mugs are ideal if you need more than a cup in the morning and you love travel mugs, because they do make a stronger brew. Like with k-cups, just insert the k-mug into the machine, choose 12 or 14 oz brew size and press brew button. The K250 is pretty tall and it fits travel mugs just fine.

available brew sizes

What about the bad? When you turn the machine on, it will need some time to do an initial preheating. A full reservoir (40 ounces) heats up in about 3 minutes. But, once that initial heat up is completed the heating process speed up significantly. The machine needs maybe 10, 15 seconds to heat up between brews. That’s pretty good.


Keurig 2.0 K250 is compatible with three different Keurig pod options: k-cup, k-mug and k-carafe.

As you probably already know, k-cups come in 500+ varieties, from more than 75 brands. The k-cup line includes coffees, teas, hot chocolates and iced drinks. But you have to make sure to buy Keurig branded pods that have white outer ring, and the black Keurig Brewed seal on the lid.

K-mug is ideal for brewing 12 – 14 ounce travel mugs because it makes stronger brew. They have no2 on the label and normally a 12 ct k-mug box cost $11.99. Right now there are 5 k-mug varieties to choose from.

To brew a carafe, you will need a k-carafe pod. They have a no1 on the label and right now there are 16 k-carafe varieties. A box of 8 k-carafe pods usually retails for $12.99.

K-mug and K-carafe pods are partially recyclable, as the plastic cups are constructed from polypropylene #5.But you do have to remove the lid and filter. K-cups are still not recyclable.

Starbucks Verismo pods, Nespresso or the CBTL pods won’t work in Keurig 2.0.

Non-branded k-cups or reusable k-cups in Keurig 2.0?
Officially, Keurig 2.0 will only work with Keurig branded k-cups or more precisely, the one with updated labels. The Keurig 2.0 scanner won’t brew old Keurig branded k-cups (the one without outer ring and Keurig brewed seal, released before January 2014), non-Keurig brand packs or reusable k-cups! However, there are several possible solutions that you can use to brew any k-cup brand and even your own coffee in Keurig 2.0. Here are the most popular Keurig 2.0 hack s:
1. cut the top of updated Keurig branded k-cup or k-carafe and attach it on top of your non-branded k-cup.
2. cut the left side of updated label and attach it to the left side of any k-cup you want to brew (you can even buy special stickers ($5.00) for this purpose). Or, you can attach a part of the label over the scanner itself.
3. Keurig 2.0 reusable k-cup. If you have an old reusable k-cup, like EcoBrew or Solofill you can probably use it in your keurig 2.0. Old My K-cup won’t work this way. What you need to do is to take your reusable k-cup, add coffee, close and attach a sticker or again, a part of authorized label on left side and brew. NewEcoBrew $9.99 comes with stickers so you can use it with Keurig 2.0. Eco-carafe $19.99 (a reusable carafe option) and Eco-fill $14.99 reusable k-cup are also popular.

Update: Keurig has finally released their original Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup reusable filter. This new filter retails for $14.99 and will work with all 2.0 series brewers: K250, K350, K450 and K550. But, it’s not compatible with old Keurig models. So it’s finally “officially allowed” to use your own coffee in Keurig 2.0 brewers. 😉
Also, the new 2.0 My K-cup filter is optimized for brewing a k-cup size (4 – 12 ounce), so if you want to brew your own coffee as a carafe, you will have to get a different filter, like Eco-carafe $19.99 reusable carafe option.



– welcome book and use&care guide
– 4 k-cup variety box
– 1 descaling solution
– 1 brewer maintenance accessory
– water filter handle and 2 charcoal filters

This is what is usually in the package. Some will include more or less. But, you should know that unlike other 2.0 models, the K250 doesn’t include a carafe. The carafe is sold separately and you can get one for $25.00 – $30.00. However, many retailers have promotions and will include a free carafe or a free box of pods with a brewer purchase.


Keurig K250 includes a limited one-year warranty for normal home use. Customer service help is available 7 days a week at 866-901-BREW (866-901-2739). It’s recommended to clean the external parts or the brewer regularly using wet cloth and descaling your machine to keep it in a good shape. The system also has a new maintenance alert feature and will let you know when it needs to be descaled or when to replace water filters.


K250 is great if…
…you need to spend around $100 and you want a brewer where you don’t have to worry about grinding, filters and cleaning. The K250 is the smallest and the most affordable 2.0 brewer. It can do 9 different cup sizes, it’s fast and easy to use and with 7 different colors to choose from will look awesome anywhere.

Should I get a different 2.0 model…
Some people really need the auto on/off feature and this model doesn’t have one. If you really need this option, I recommend models K450 and K550. They are also a good choice if you need large water reservoir.

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  1. I have hacked my K200 by cutting the green wire (so any pod will work in it) and shorted the magnetic sensor ( also in the top area) so all brew options are opened up. My only grip is the temperature of the water not being hot enough for my liking.


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